Federation of High School Students

The Federation of Students (FEEM) arises on December 6, 1970 with the idea of ​​revitalizing the student movement and strengthen the mass organizations, was preceded by the Union of Secondary Students (UES) and Student Brigades José Antonio Echeverría (BEJAE) that provided meaningful experiences for the formation of the new organization that would have as its main objective to channel the concerns of interest of students to educational institutions, government agencies, government and outwards, ensuring the rights and duties of its members who trained in love, respect and unconditional loyalty to the Cuban Revolution, working for the development of a positive attitude in students to fulfill the first duty is to study.
Is the national organization of Cuban students, has among its main objectives to ensure the rights and responsibilities of students, and channels represent their concerns to educational institutions, government agencies, government and outwards. Educates its members on love, respect and unconditional happiness to the Cuban Revolution; works for the development of a positive attitude in students before meeting the first level is the study.
The country has 1395 centers Higher Secondary School with an enrollment of about 610,232 students who in turn are grouped into more than 17,050 groups within their collective immense are also many who belong to the UJC (UJC).
The FEEM consists of a national secretariat and a national council that represents, it is composed of students. Your congress meets every four years, I find that raise concerns, problems, suggestions for improving student life, among other topics of interest of the student.
Have been strongholds for the Organization insertion membership of students belonging to courses Comprehensive Youth who with great seriousness and commitment have managed to occupy a leading role in the various aspects of the operation.
At this time starring a new page in the history of Cuban student movement to assume the educational transformations in Vocational and Technical Education Pre-Univesitaria length and breadth of the country, with deep changes aimed at learning more and have the implementation of instructional methods that make the training process more comprehensive.

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