Federation of Cuban Women (FMC). Mass organization that develops policies and programs aimed at achieving the full realization of equality of women in all areas and levels of society. The objectives of this organization is systematically provide input to the training and welfare of future generations.

Before he founded the FMC, there were several organizations that grouped the women partisans of the Cuban revolutionary process and Women Revolucionariaque Unit binded to a large number of rural women, laColumna Agrarian Revolutionary Brigades Female, Women Humanist Groups, Brotherhood of Mothers and others that were merged into a new and unique women’s organization, the Federation of Cuban Women.

It is structured territorially at national, provincial, municipal and grassroots level. Your National consists of a National Committee and a Secretariat in charge of enforcing the resolutions adopted at each Congress, highest management body which is held every five years. The National Committee includes women representing all sectors of society and those who are in positions of decision making in key ministries, the Communist Party of Cuba, unions and other social organizations.

The President of the FMC integrates the State Council of the Republic of Cuba and directs the Committee on Care for Women, Children and Youth of the National Assembly of People’s Power.

Among his most important tasks coordinates the work of 81 000 260 voluntary social workers and health brigade 78 000 624 supporters in neighborhoods mass vaccination campaigns and prevention against dengue, influenza AH1-N1 or HIV / AIDS. It also governs the work of Lascasas Guidance for Women and the Family, a space that deals with the problem in the family, including early motherhood, alcoholism or violence. There are 175 of these units throughout the country, with eight thousand 448 volunteer collaborators who also share space with lawyers, while multidisciplinary advisory group, the newly created family courts.

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