Confederation of Workers of Cuba

It is the organization representing unionized workers nationwide, heir to the best traditions of struggle and battle of the Cuban nation.

The history of the CTC data from the workers fighting the colonial Cuba and extends for over 50 years mediated republic under the rule of the US imperialists.

In 1925 the National Workers’ Confederation of Cuba (CNOC) was created after long struggles for a unifying organization, but was destroyed in 1935 in the failed strike of March. In 1939 achieved again be another trade union center: the Confederation of Workers of Cuba (CTC), which in 1961 became Confederation of Workers of Cuba.

The structure of the CTC consists of: Congress, National Council, National Committee, National Secretariat, national unions, branches, provincial committees, Labor Bureau at company level and union section.

There are 18 national unions representing about 2,998,634 members, about workers. The current Secretary General is Salvador Valdés Mesa.

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