Cubans exhibited forums Panama Declaration of Principles

Guantánamo (Solvision) The Cuban delegation to the forums of the VII Summit of the Americas in Panama will offer a press conference today April 7th to file a Declaration of Principles on their participation in this meeting.

More than a hundred representatives of Cuban civil society, social partners, youth, intellectuals, farmers, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and Cuban academics will be present in forums and side events of the Summit to begin on Wednesday, an event that Cuba will attend by first as a result of strong and unanimous consensus of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Cuban delegation to these events lead him to Panama mandates and recommendations contained in the many meetings and debates that have taken place in recent days across the country, which are defined specific to be presented in these parallel forums propositions.

In Panama will be represented civil society on the island that is grouped in two thousand existing associations throughout the country, with a variety ranging from cultural associations, solidarity, friendship, scientific and technical.

The official segment of the Seventh Summit, which brings together the Heads of State and / or Government of the hemisphere will meet between 10 and 11 April in Panama City. It will be the first in which Cuba participates and makes via community claim most of the Latin American and Caribbean nations. In this context, it has also been called a People’s Summit which will be represented unions and social movements in the region.

The Seventh Summit will be preceded by the II Business Summit of the Americas, the Forum of Rectors of Universities of the region, Civil Society, a Youth Meeting and sectoral ministerial meetings.

Cuba will join several progressive organizations on the continent at the Summit of the People and Social Movements of the Americas, scheduled from 9 to 11 April in Panama. Likewise, the Cuban delegation plans to participate in an act of solidarity with progressive causes in Latin America and the Caribbean, to be held in the auditorium of the University of Panama on the same day April 11.

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