Cuban delegation leaves opening plenary of the Civil Society Forum

CITY Panama.- Cuban complaint is kept on the premises of Hotel El Panama, at times that the establishment of the Civil Society Forum began, where the West Indian delegates who attended the invitation of President Juan Carlos Varela They left the plenary because it is unacceptable for real and legitimate civil society in Cuba share presence with mercenary elements, paid by US institutions.

Supported by youth participating in the Forum of the Youth of the Americas, the delegation of Cuba had made clear their opposition to the handling, expressed his reasons, he sang the Hymn of Bayamo, and left the room in deference to host President before Varela delivered his speech.

At the gates Media Centre, Luis Morlote, vice president of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, argued the decision: never will dialogue with those who are traitors, we respect the mandate they have given us 11 million Cubans. We can not be with those who are linked with terrorists.

Precisely photos of one of the mercenaries and the organizer of the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people were hoisted alongside Cuban flags, enraged by children of Martí and Maceo.

Strong statements of two men of different religious beliefs, Enrique Aleman and Joel Suarez, endorsing the strong Cuban position.

Mercenaries accredited only dared to enter the premises when he left the militant delegation of the island.

The conclusion of the inaugural session of the Forum, will be giving back the battle for dignity during the establishment of the Working Groups.

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