It is gunpowder in the boat!

NEW GERONA.- same as the Tigers claim not die in foreign port, the Pirates won Tuesday to remain faithful to his adventurous spirit: if the moment of their dreams end buried in the seabed, which is far from its shores reached, in the attempt to take by assault the “enemy” fortress. And they did as already we are accustomed, starring another magical evening widening legend Cristóbal Labra of this city, where the opponent runs out of room for maneuver after the slightest fault.
There was a before and after in the path of the local navy. Because while the control and defensive lapses bill passed starter Ulfrido García, local batsmen seemed lethargic for much of the game, as if a spell prevent connections over the right Dachel Duquesne, the surprise choice avileño high command.
In a somewhat inexplicable, the strategy of Roger Machado got good results. They did not spend five batters against which Dachel managed to get over in the count, and along its pristine six innings of action, threw more balls than strikes. However, it was in the fourth inning that fit the first of only two hits allowed, and although gave four walks, the same amount of batters left with a musket on his shoulder.
In the midst of this dynamic Duquesne exceeded “shots” and changed the regulatory hit the scene. Wine Vladimir Garcia and the Pirates were other after the pitch that, with two outs, gave him the young Alfredo Rodriguez. Only he, perhaps the pillow, or perhaps someone very close, some day come to know if it was intentional or not. But as history was its history, and the long and decisive homer that landed him pinero shortstops last Saturday, and there, sure, the aggressive reaction. Questionable, with implications for both sides Alfredo ended expulsado-, but seen from a distance events, the most negative effects were in the visitors troops.
After the outburst, the Canyon Trail lost confidence. And with it, the strike zone. Consecutive tickets to Julio Pablo Martinez to load the bases, and Dainer Galvez to promote the first touchdown of the Pirates became the stands, with visible light for the early disappointment of some fans, a real powder keg.
Again baseball was revenge, and determinants men in this story, as the great captain Michel Enriquez and his foreman Luis Felipe Rivera, found room for it. The idol of these lands seemed off, as if his mistake in the second episode, which took three of the competing entries, were the worst preamble of capitulation. Both walked with wet gunpowder, without providing what is expected of them, but when the truth proved his greatness with guns against the rescuer Yunier Cano balanced the board.
“I was suffering eight innings, but the love and support they always showed me the audience gave me the strength to connect the hit that started the comeback. An error committed by anyone, is in the game. Now it was my chance to erase it, and am very grateful to the fans who always supported me. That’s worth a lot, “said Michel excited to finish the match.
Also Tartabull which was not holder- had his share of glory, to overturn the maneuver Leorisbel bring lefty Sanchez to control it. Doublet right meadow, plus two and landing in the box Hector Manuel Mendoza to close the loop.
Outside the penalty for doing so, but they were not willful boy straight enough smoke, and it showed the homer with a man on board Yeniet Pérez who silenced the rostrum. At this point, one can not overlook the performance of Villa Clara baseman, who also added two fildeos who had made him, if the result is different, the man of the match.
But the distinction ended up taking her Luis Felipe, responsible for confirming the “immortality” Pirates when the game beyond the limits.
Again the theory was challenged against lefty lefty when Ariel Diaz allowed the gun to Julio Pablo. Following a predictable script, Gálvez sacrificed and Michel received “four bad”. Then came the metrallazo of experienced baseman, packaging reinforcement and controversial Guantanamo decision after sliding into home.
From the position of journalists was impossible certainty and time of writing had only seen some photographs that confirmed our first impression and others not. Fortunately for the Pirates, I am a mere journalist who can not but be satisfied because the result of this final follow on hold until the return to the lair of the Tigers.
With the matched crossover jump again this afternoon diamond two ninths and each will aim to sailing morning with the taste of the lead. The high command avileño confirmed Ismel Jimenez as their starting option while José Luis Rodríguez Pantoja hinted his preference for Javier Vazquez, but avoided confirm. The only certainty is that his disciples, after this new feat, not content with little.

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